Helen Keller Celebrates Black History by Creating African American Museum

Helen Keller second-grader Maya Barfield said she was inspired by the fearlessness of civil rights activist Ruby Bridges who famously desegregated an elementary school in 1960.
So when it came time for Barfield to choose a subject for her African American Museum project, the choice was obvious.
“She made it possible for us to be able to go to any school that we want to,” Barfield said, as she showed off her Bridges exhibit.
Barfield and Helen Keller students crafted projects on important African American figures, complete with facts and portraits, and proudly displayed them for visitors on Feb. 7.

Subjects included Langston Hughes, Barack Obama, Katherine Jones, Serena Williams and many more.
Lynwood Unified will celebrate Black History Month throughout February with a variety of projects, assemblies, and events.